Bcc Suriname project 2015/2016

The Suriname project

After succesfully having Surinam breedings in the past we started this project in July/August 2015 by preparing the male and female for the introduction and starting to feed them a bit more to make sure they would have lots of  reserves.

IMG-20151027-WA0010 (1)






We have a collection of five Surinams and we introduced a 2012 male to a 2009 female.

Breeding Surinams is a challenging job which requires lots of patience but also studying your animal’s behavior and creating the right environment for them to reproduce succesfully. Even the slightest changes will effect their behavior and that makes it important to react at the right time and make those changes happen.

Since the second week after we introduced them to each other the couple is making several breeding attempts. When we see that the male losing interest in the female we seperate the couple for 3-5 days just as we did while feeding them. After the couple gets together again the breeding attempts continue.


We have been very fortunate to witness multiple mating attempts.









A very clear view of the couple mating.







The female did have her ovulation and also shedded. She will give birth around September, keep your fingers crossed!!

We will keep an update of this excited project! For questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send a email to foekreptiles@gmail.com


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