Phelsuma Grandis



CARE SHEET Phelsuma Grandis
Giant day Gecko

High Red Blue
Breeder: Hay & Marleen Bitter
Born: 2008
Sex: Male

The phelsuma grandis is a large phelsuma between the 25 – 30 cm.





One couple Phelsuma Grandis are housed in glass cages 40 cm long, 40 cm wide and 80 cm high. I use Schell grit as subtrate. Some vertical and horizontal bamboo for hiding and climbing. Also one sanseviera in each glass tank.

The temerature gradient varies between 24-26 degrees Celcius on the cool side with a basking site of 28-30 degrees Celcius.

The light period being used is 12hrs on and 12hrs off
I use one 5.0 UV T5 Light tube and a 800 day light T5 Lightning Tube.
A small 35 W bulb will heat the basking spot.

I feed the phelsuma grandis twice a week with crickets or waxworms. All the prey items are dusted with zoo med reptivite. Also twice a week a commercial phelsuma food (Aves phelsuma-diet). It’s a diet mixed with 3 parts of water and one part of powder.  Full of nutrients including vitamin A, D3 and calcium. A bottle cap with the diet will provided at the bottom near a vertical bamboo for a day. Don’t place the bottle cap with the diet near a heatsource.
I also provide the Phelsuma grandis every day with spraying water directly on the Phelsuma Grandis, on the glass walls and sanseviera. They like to drink the water from the surface.


Baby Phelsuma’s will have the same dieet, only smaller crickets. I spray every day with water on the glass and on the leafes so the bays have enough to drink.

i will incubate the eggs in the same terrarium as the parents only in a small plastic transparant box with lid.
Make sure that you mark the top of the egg and secure the, so it won’t turn in box. I mark the top of the eggs with a black waterproof marker.

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