Foekline Calico

Genetics: Dominant / possible super dominant

Genetics: Dominant / possible super dominant

Foekline calico

Foekline calico

Genetics: Dominant / possible super dominant

The first calico’s from foekline bloodline are from a patternless yellow male (from a dutch breeder) and patternless red female. (from a german breeder)

When breeding in 2018, 2 foekline calico’s together some baby’s are so different than the normal calico’s. They are more light colored almost pink. than other calico's from the same litter.

Maybe we have a super calico line. In 2019 we breed the patternless red mother with one of the calico sons. All of the babys are calico with 3 almost light pink/white animals. More breedings need to prove the genetics.

Within the foekline calico's we have low white calico's, high white calico's and the extreem colored calico's.

The low white are almost born solid red with or whitout white spots/marker. Within the first month the white markers will increase also the dark black pigmentation wil be more dominant.
The High white are red with a lot of white blotches with or without the black pigmantation. The black will increase in the first few years.  The extreem colored animals are almost lack off black and are light red / pink / white almost translucent, The black will increase within the first few years.




Possible super foekline calico


Low white foekline calico


High white foekline calico

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